VBC Racing LightningF 1:10 Scale Formula kit

VBC Racing LightningF 1:10 Scale Formula kit

The next generation of 1/10 formula car – the LightningF shares some of the important features from our race winning Lightning12 pan car which provides exceptional competitive edge over the other formula cars in the market. In fact, the LightningF was debut in the 2014 TITC and finished TQ and 2nd!

Incorporated into our design has been the standard VBC Racing flair, aesthetics are what we at VBC Racing take pride in. The car looks good on and off the track.






Main features:
– 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis
– Adjustable front to rear center battery placement for better overall balance and weight transfer. Compatible with standard in-board, stick pack and shorty batteries
– Selectable laydown and vertical servo configurations
– Selectable caster and camber adjustments
– Carbon fiber front arms with 7075 aerodynamics front end mounts to increase front end stiffness, precise building and adjustments
– Top front arm with pivot balls to increase damping smoothness
– Turn-knob type body mounts for precise body height adjustments
– Precise machined hardened spring steel front axles
– Polished kingpins
– Front ride height adjustability with optional one piece carbon shims and spacers
– Compatible with optional VBC Racing LightningF 200mm front end kit
– Easy adjustable and smooth VBC Racing ball differentials system, with revolutionary ball bearings inside spur gear to increase differential smoothness
– Hardened rear drive axle for precision and durability
– Standard 16 high precision differential balls
– 7075 left wheel hub adaptor in double screw mounting system
– 7075 Aluminium turnbuckles for adjustment and durability
– Polished metal pivot balls for consistent and smooth suspension
– New revolutionary TBX center shock designed for super smooth dampening, fully adjustable. Aluminium 7075 hard anodised shock body and shock cap with soft silicon o-rings
– Aluminium 7075 shock mount with shock angle adjustable carbon fiber plate
– Aluminium 7075 rear bulkheads specifically lightened without giving up durability
– VBC Racing rear ride height eccentrics #1,2,3 and 4
– Easy top motor access
– Rear pod designed specifically for current brushless motors
– Carbon fiber cross brace / rear diffuser mount with selectable wing heights for support from side hits and flex
– Super smooth and slop free VBC Racing center pivot
– Side links made of a special VBC Racing blend to give maximum durability and a slop-free fit
– 3mm tweak plate for durability
– Side springs can be mounted in 2 different positions, in board on the pod for when you need the car to be more aggressive or outboard on the top of the side link for smoother corner entry and exit
– Laterally mounted aluminium 7075 dampening tubes for smoothness
* Front/rear diffusers, wheels, tires and car body are not included in this kit
Available now!

Manufacturers product page: http://www.vbcracing.com/products/lightningf-1-10-formula-car-kit-d-05-vbc-ck04

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