About West Coast RC

West Coast RC is dedicated to promoting the radio controlled model hobby. We aim to provide a place where hobbyists and local government can work together to find ways to build locations where West Coast RC enthusiasts can fly and drive their models.

Radio Controlled modeling has a long history as a healthy family oriented past time which teaches many disciplines including wood working, electronics, mechanics and even computer skills with the new emerging technology.
Many RC hobbyists have continued to pursue careers based on things they have learned from building radio controlled models in their youth.

West Coast RC wants to continue this tradition by offering a convenient place where hobbyists can meet and organize together with each other and members of their local government to help make vacant or unused land available for RC hobbyist organized activities.

The West Coast RC website is free of charge. You only need a valid email address to sign up and get started organizing fellow West Coast RC hobbyists in your area.