Schumacher Mi5 Racing Touring Car

Schumacher Mi5 Racing Touring Car

Schumacher Mi5 1/10th Competition Touring Car

The all new Mi5 from Schumacher lifts the R/C touring car scene to a whole new dimension.

This superbly engineered race car is equipped with some revolutionary design features that enable the racer total flexibility for both carpet and asphalt tracks.

The Mi5 has an ultra low centre of gravity which gives the car fantastic corner speed capability. Combined with the radical vertical top deck the Mi5 achieves both a responsive and nimble feel, yet is forgiving and consistent to drive.





The major highlights of the package include, the first Schumacher designed touring car geared differential, fully in-line mounted motor and servo, lightweight low centre of gravity Carbon Fibre wishbones, perfect Ackerman steering rack and micro castor pivot system.

The Mi5 chassis offers excellent balance and poise, with an extremely wide window of set up, enabling drivers of all levels to easily achieve the best results from the car. The Schumacher Mi5….. Join the Revolution!

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