Novak Vented Ballistic 550 Brushless Motor

Novak Vented Ballistic 550 Brushless Motor

A Cooler Ballistic For Your Short Course Truck

4×4 Short Course racing pushes the limits of your equipment. To combat the high temps and demands of the modern 4×4 Short Course race day, Novak is introducing the Vented Ballistic 550 Brushless Motor- 4.5T (#3504V). This is the same motor that has been powering drivers to the top of short course podiums across the racing world, but with the added value and performance of Novak’s vented end bells. The vents allow the motor to release the hot air which reduces the motor’s operating temperature and increases the motor’s overall performance.


Double the Size, Nearly Double the Power and Torque!
Novak uses the same proven stator design and shape from the standard 540 motors, but has double the length of the stator and rotor to provide racers with the largest race-legal motor for 4×4 Short Course Trucks. This massive motor means simply that your truck will have NO power problems. Clearing triples, quads, and even the entire five-pack will become a traction issue, not a power problem! The vented end bells and proven Novak quality of motor design means high performance and extreme reliability.

Completely Rebuildable with Extensive Parts Support
Like all Novak Ballistic brushless motors, these motors are completely rebuildable. At the track, service and repairs are a snap and you will be back to turning laps right away. Replaceable sensor harness, replaceable rotor, replaceable sensor board, replaceable stator, replaceable end bells and bearings–you name it, if the motor has it, you can pick up the spare part and be back in action in no time!



What Really Makes These Motors Better?
Racers know that power is everything. The vented end bells allow you to push the motors harder while not overheating. Cooler temps mean the motor makes more power and can deliver that power more effectively.

Novak takes pride in its manufacturing facility in Irvine, California and also with its use of high-quality components and assembly and testing processes. Each Ballistic Brushless Motor is built and tested in the Novak factory to Novak’s exacting standards. All Novak products are supported by Novak’s knowledgeable customer support staff and race team

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